Bronze Sculpture by Stefan Savides

Stefan Savides

"While it was my fifty years of avian taxidermy that fine-tuned my eye for bird anatomy, it was my art sense that compelled me to sculpt in a style that omitted the realistic detail, a factor which is paramount in a mounted bird. As I embarked on my sculpture career, I vowed never to create bronze taxidermy!"
Stefan's life is simply about birds and art. He is one of the blessed few who have never worked a day that he was not recreating birds in one form or another. This multitalented artist, from a young age, has completely supported himself through his life with taxidermy, painting, carving, and sculpting of birds. His taxidermy has earned him international acclaim.

Sculpting in bronze is a natural progression for Stefan, as it is an avenue, which provides him a lasting opportunity to express his knowledge of avian anatomy. Fifty years of intense study of birds coupled with a flair for simplistic, elegant design equates to renderings that capture the essence of his subjects in tasteful clean works of art. His work is to the point, without the distraction of overbearing detail. He has made birds his life and his work simply speaks of it!

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